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Mumu Surf School

in Mahabalipuram (50km from Chennai)

Connect to the Ocean

Feel the waves

Enjoy Life

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For me catching a wave,
having fun, this is my life now.

Being a surfer - I am really enjoying myself.

Mukesh in "the rising tide"


Surf Lessons

We offer a variety of different lessons and packages for 1 or more people from beginner to advanced. Please give us a quick call or send a message before you come, so that we are prepared for your lesson ( Contact us ).


A passion to learn something new, general fitness, fun to be in the water


Bathing shorts, Swimsuit, Towel

We provide a rash guard, a special t-shirt for water sports to protect your upper body from sun and rashes.


What do you learn?

  • Equipment and safety instructions
  • How to handle the board in the water
  • How to stand up on a board
  • Surf your first waves close to the beach

How long does it take?
1 hour and 30 minutes

What’s the price?
1 Person: 1500 ₹

Group lesson (2 people or more): 1200 ₹ per person


What do you learn?

  • Refresher on basics, equipment and safety
  • How to paddle out behind the breaking waves
  • How to take green waves on your own

How long does it take?
1 hour and 30 minutes

What’s the price?
1 Person: 1500 ₹

Group Lesson (2 people or more): 1200 ₹ per person



If you want to learn surfing from ground up or get better quick. You get a discount on a week course.

What’s the price (5 Sessions) ?
7000 ₹

10 Sessions:

13000 ₹


Board rental & repair

You know swimming and surfing and you just need a board?

We have Softboards, Hardboards, Shortsboard in different styles and sizes. A rash guard is included in board rentals.


What’s included

  • Surfboard
  • Leash
  • Lycra/rash guard

What to bring?

Bathing shorts, Swimsuit

What’s the price?

1 hour: 300 ₹

2 hours: 500 ₹

3 hours: 750 ₹

RENT: All day

1 day : 1200 rps


For prices of the board repair please bring your board and show the dings, cracks in the shop.

We will give a good price for repairs.

Fresh Drinks, Cool People

Sandy Bottom Cafe


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About us

Surfing is our passion, it is a connection with nature, a way of life and simply fun 😁

Mukesh was raised in a fishing community in the beautiful Mahabalipuram (home of the famous shore temple).

After working as a diving instructor for several years, Mukesh founded Mumu Surf School as the first surf shop near Chennai with intimate knowledge of the sea and the waves.

He is a qualified ISA Instructor with a Surf Rescue license, a PADI Divemaster and Rescue Scuba Diver.

Now, Mukesh and his wife Anna run the Surf School right at the Main Beach of Mahabalipuram. The attached “Sandy Bottom Café” offers healthy, nutritious, fresh food and drinks for the tired surfers after a session in the waves.

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Media & Press

Mumu Surf School in Media & Newspapers

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Infos on the Beach Cleanup Program

As the ones who love and adore and need the ocean for our passion. We fight for a clean environment and waste-free society.
To teach the old and new generation to treat the environment with respect is our duty. So we are always spreading the message of a waste-free lifestyle.

For example in our Shop and Cafe we use:

  • Recycled wooden materials for our barstools, tables and furniture that would have been thrown away at other places.
  • Metal Straws in our drinks that we can clean and re-use every time

Newspaper Article in The Better India


Where to find us


175 Othavadai St
Fisherman Colony
Tamil Nadu 603104, India

 Opening Times
Every Day from 8am to 6pm

mumusurfschool [at] gmail.com

Mumu Surf School
Sandy Bottom Cafe

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