What is surfing?

When surfing in India started, the people in the few fisherman villages with good waves did not understand why people are riding waves with these weird white boards. Just for fun? Isn’t it a waste of time?

A surf student is taking one of her first green waves

Until you finally take your first own wave, cruising from side to side, almost flying on the pure energy of the ocean you probably will not understand.

Surfing is a sport, a challenge, a passion, a connection to nature or just pure exercise. It became the life of so many people around the world.

Mumu Surf School was the first surf shop located near Chennai and we have an intimate knowledge of the sea, the waves and how to ride them best. Raised in a fishing family in Mamallapuram, we are always connected with the ocean.


Besides the pure passion for surfing, Mumu is a qualified in ISA Instructor with a Surf Rescue License, PADI Divemaster and Rescue Scuba Diver.


Now, Mukesh and his wife Anna run the Surf School right at the Main Beach of Mahabalipuram. The attached “Sandy Bottom Café” offers healthy, nutritious, fresh food and drinks for the tired surfers after a session in the waves.

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